October 1992

Issue 1




The first 50 Sonic 2's into the UK!



[excerpt - pg. 6 to 7]




The competition every games player in the country has been waiting for. MEGA has reserved 50 of the first carts to be air-lifted into Europe -- and one of them can be yours! Elsewhere in this issue you can win: a coin-op, 25 Game Genies, carts, 100 Terminator posters, a Game Gear and 5 Virgin games jackets!



10 THINGS YOU NEVER KNEW ABOUT SONIC... [excerpt - pg. 10]


1. Er...

2. Oh God. Have we sunk this far already?

3. Yes

10 Right. Stop this now


Super Sonic (Sega)


Spikey speed-merchant should do for the Mega CD what he did for the Mega Drive. Not clear whether the game exploits the Mega CD's special graphical capabilities (game plot remains much the same), but high-quality music is promised. Expect great things.



COMPETITION -- WIN! SONIC 2 [excerpt - pg. 14]


MEGA is giving away 50 of the first copies of Sonic 2 to be air-lifted into Europe! Enter this exclusive competition and one could be yours




Tuesday 24 November, 1992, is National Sonic 2 Day. The cart that is pretty much guaranteed to become the biggest-selling videogame of all time is due to hit the streets on the same day all over the world. It'll be tough getting hold of a copy straight away, but as a MEGA reader, you have the chance to get ahead of the crowd and win a copy now! All you have to do is answer the following easy questions from the original Sonic The Hedgehog.


1. Finish Act One of Green Hill Zone in 29 seconds, how much time bonus is Sonic awarded?


2. In Act Two of Green Hill Zone, it is impossible to get on top of the loop-the-loop without collecting the power sneakers first. Answer True or False


Got all that? Good. For a tie-breaker, each entry must be accompanied by a picture of a person who you think one of the MEGA team will find attractive. Easy. So write your name, address and your answers on a postcard, stick the postcard in an envelope with your picture and send it to: Sonic 2 Compo, MEGA, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, Aven, BA1 2BW, to arrive before Tuesday 20 October. Look out for hot Sonic 2 news in the preview section of this issue of Mega.





SONIC 2 -- Sega - November


If it isn't the most eagerly awaited sequel (or possibly game) ever, then your gonna have to tell me what is. Our spikey blue buddy (that's Sonic, that is) is back for another epic adventure against the evil Dr Robotnik, but this time he's brought along a friend. Sonic 2 is set over more than 35 levels (that's almost double the amount in the first game, which only had 18).


Sonic and Tails the fox (a fox who curiously, and for reasons never explained, has two tails) have the intriguing ability to move so fast that they can travel through time. Entering prehistoric and futuristic levels Sonic must get to the evil "Death Egg," Dr Robotnik's means of destroying Sonics home world, before he uses it. Apart from coming out on the Mega Drive it will also be released on the other two Sega formats as well as the Mega CD. With enhanced sound and cartoon quality slideshows, this will be the hottest release ever. The game will see Sonic, now a spritely 16 years old, running even faster than in the first game, and when he reaches top speed he'll be able to reach Warp-Sonic speed making time travel possible. As for Tails, well he's rumoured to be in his fifth year and he's Sonic's biggest admired, mimicking everything Sonic does. Apparently this will mean that two players will be able to play simultaneously, one taking Sonic's role and one playing Tails. Sonic 2 is due for a November 1992 release so stay tuned to Mega for the definitive review. And if you want to win one of the first copies into the country, there are 50 up for grabs on page 14.



Top 100 [excerpt - pg. 76]



Publisher: Sega

Price: 34.99


OS, so it isn't number one, but you didn't seriously think it could be any lower than this, did you? It's quite possible that this is the most famous video game ever -- it's certainly the one which, more than any other, lifted console games out of the spotty schoolboy ghetto and into the real-world limelight where they truly belong. Ask any rock star worth his salt these days knows who Sonic is and the chances are he'll not only know, but he demands that a Mega Drive running Sonic The Hedgehog is placed in his dressing room at every gig venue.


Yeah, it's a bit easy to finish but why be selfish? Isn't it nice that everyone gets a chance to see the end sequence for once? Anyway, there's so much hidden away in Sonic The Hedgehog and it's just so much damn fun to play that you'll never get bored with it, no matter how many times you whip nasty ol' Dr Robotonik's ass. And, if you don't still get a buzz when Sonic loops the loop at maximum speed with his super-fast boots on, get someone to check your pulse immediately -- you may be dead.


MEGA says: Still the most technically stunning game for the Mega Drive's ever seen, and the standard-bearer of a whole new era of video games. Completely amazing, completely brilliant.


NEWS: Sonic 2 has got to be the most eagerly awaited game of 1992. The official story is that the game will hit the streets the world over on 24 November. We've heard rumours, however, that copies are likely to be flown in a week before that.


Even better news is that MEGA has reserved 50 of the first copies of Sonic 2 to be flown into the country. To win one, turn to page 14. Sonic 3 is being developed as you read this, and Super Sonic for the Mega CD is almost complete. Stay tuned, We will.



MEGA MOUTH [excerpt - pg. 90]


(Q) Do you think Sonic 2 will be out on the Mega CD?

(A) Let's look at it this way. Sonic 2 is likely to be the biggest-selling Sega game of all time. So is Mr Sega going to say, "Ah well, we'll just release it on cart and leave it at that. After all, it's not like we need the money"? Naaah, we suspect it'll be out on everything.



WIN! One of 50 copies of Sonic 2 on page 14, then gasp at brand new pictures of page 29





Dunno about the gameplay yet but the graphics are certainly more varied than in Sonic's first adventure. Doesn't this get you going?


In Sonic 2, even the hornets have been given a bit of a facelift. Look at the stripey little toe-rags



Sonic's a bit of a time-traveller in this sequel. Good knows where he is here? Or when he is?