September 1992

Issue 9






[excerpt - pg. 5]




The very latest SONIC 2 screenshots have hit town. Who's got them first? What do you think! Get the exclusive SEGA FORCE lowdown here!




You've seen the screenshots, now you can pull 'em out and keep 'em! Take out your tips pull-out and what have you got? A brilliant SONIC 2 poster!





SEGA FORCE got there first to bring you the EXCLUSIVE news report about Sonic 2 from the Chicago CES. And whaddya know? Now we've got you the first official screenshots, too!


The countdown to the revised release date of November 21 is well and truly underway and, as speculation about Sonic 2 hots up, take your first look at the screenshots here and put your mind at rest -- the sequel's graphics are going to be even better than the original!


What's more, the gameplay's gonna be blindingly fast! We've already told you about the nightmarish loops and Moebius strip (SF 7, page 9) but get a load of the real thing on-screen! This one's going to take some negotiating, even at top speed.


Tails you win!


The aim of the game's still to collect as many rings as you can for bonus points, but with the arrival of Tails, a brand new Sega character, there's a lot more to the game than that.


With options to play the game in horizontal split-screen mode or with both characters in full-screen, be prepared for some dazzling race action. Are you up to it? That's the slogan for the game and you can bet us deadheads here in Game Freak Alley reckon we are! We're bustin' a gut to get a play on Sonic 2!


Sega's global release policy is still firmly in place for the launch date, to see Sonic 2 appearing on all three formats, all over the world, on the same day.


That's going to be quite an undertaking but, even with a few days leeway, the grey importers aren't going to get much of a look-in! As far as Sega are concerned this is a pretty big deal, since over 1 million has been put aside just to promote the game. Five lucky bleeders've already won Sonic 2 badges from SEGA FORCE, but you can bet there's gonna be loads more merchandising goodies in store very soon.


What does that all mean? Well, with over one million Sonic 2 carts set to crash onto the games market, it looks like it's gonna be a blue, blue Christmas this year!


You've read the hot news, seen the screenshots, now keep your eyes well and truly peeled for next month's issue of SEGA FORCE. Believe us, you ain't seen nothing' yet!



Go on, ask me... [excerpts - pg. 80 to 81]


Dear Sir


We're dedicated readers and would like you to answer a few simple question (simple enough for you -- don't know about Mellerick, though!).

1. Are any more smart Electronic Arts games coming out on the MD?

2. Is Lemmings coming out on the GG in the near future?

3. When's Sonic 2 coming out?

4. Why are Nintendo sad?

5. Why does poort old Mellerick get picked on a lot?


P Baker and P Sargeant, Middlesborough



Dedicated readers? Ha! Desecrated more like!


Electronic Arts have loads of stonkin' Autumn releases. I know what they are -- but I'm not allowed to leak anything. Well, there are certain things I can leak, buy my bodily fluids are no concern of yours! Fnarr fnarr!


I heard rumours that Lemmings will be leading onto the GG at the end of the year (from a great height, slowing their fall with stripey brollies); keep reading these hallowed pages for more news. Sonic 2 comes out on 21 NOVEMBER on ALL THREE FORMATS!! At least that's what Sega tell us!


Nintendo are sad because they're not happy and Paul doesn't get picked on, he get's pooped on -- from a very great height...



A quest for knowledge


Dear Gutter Snipe


I was wondering whether you can answer a few questions? (Oh chuff me! Not again?! --Gut.)

1. Are Sega bringing down the price of games?

2. Is Sonic 2 coming out on the Master System or the Mega Drive first?

3. Is Street Fighter 2 coming out for the MD?

4. Is there a released date for WWF Wrestlemania on the Mega Drive?


Andrew Connor, Jarrow, Tyne and Wear



Sega have released six Mega Drive titles at a new low cost, 19.99: Super Hang-On, Alex Kidd in Enchanted Castle, Space Harrier II, Last Battle, Super Thunder Blade, and World Cup Italia '90. See the budget round-up last issue. More could follow.


Sonic 2 is set for a worldwide release on MS, MD, GG and Mega-CD at the same time. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times!


I've delved through Sega's bowels and I can't find mention of Street Fighters 2. On the other hand WWF could be out for Christmas -- January '93 at the latest.


I once knew a yound man from Jarrow, who farted a lot in a barrow... Oh, I'm in no mood to carry that on!!



WHAT?! ANOTHER FREE GIFT? Buy and believe, Deadheads!




Look out for something extra-special on 'you know 2!'


'Big money! Big prizes! I lot it!'. Flying Edge's brilliant Smash TV hits the Mega Drive and Master System.


More compos and prizes than you can handle!


Get mega serious and service all yer Sega needs with the incredible Issue 10, on sale from 10 September







You would not belieeeeeeve the number of entries we got for this gem of a compo! You can't get into our mail room for desperate cries of 'Gimmee! Gimmeeee!'


That aside, it took the SEGA FORCE team a fair few hours to sort all the entries out and pick the five totally and utterly, flamin' lucky beggars who're gonna walk off with a spiffing new Sonic 2 collector's badge! Should we keep you in suspense any longer? Am I looking for a broken nose?


Nah, here we go: get set for your badges David Harris of Acre Street, Nairn; D Smith of Stourbridge, West Midlands; Bonni Montague of Brook Street, Tring; A Mills of Birchen Coppice, Kidderminster; and finally, Shiny'l Chono of Hall Road, Wilmslow, Cheshire.


You lot are going to be the envy of your neighborhood, so enjoy yer badges and tell yer mates where ya got 'em, eh?


Right: Here's what we've all been spouting about! The dreaded Moebius Loop looks even more nightmarish on-screen! Hold onto your hats for a fast ride!


Below: Want even more loops? You've got 'em! Sonic 2 features even more fiendish routes, buffers and bumpers than the original. Get ready!