August 1992

Issue 8



Loadsa licences! [excerpt - pg. 7]


Last but by no means least, Acclain/Flying Edge have announced some more titles to take them right up to the beginning of 1993. You can expect to see Roger Cleman's MVP Baseball, Spider-Man and the X-Men, Super Smash TV, Super High Impact, Terminator 2: The Arcade Game, and Terminator 2: Judgment Day, finishing off with, wait for it, WWF Wrestlemania.


Don't fret, the GG's not been left out in the cold, 'cos Super Smash TV, T2, and The Simpsons should keep you busy for a fair old while.


That's enough on the software front for now, but there's plenty of new hardware due to hit the streets soon.


Asciiware are always full of new ideas and they're launching their smart Power Clutch joystick for use with the MD. No official news as to when we'll get it but importers should have it soon.


To tie in with Power Clutch comes Double Clutch, a racing game in the Super Sprint mold. Boasting HOT graphics and wicked upgrades for your can, this one could be a lot of fun.


One last piece of CES into to finish is news of the Turbo Torch 360 from Triax Controls. A weird looking joypad this! The key feature here is the claim that you'll never have to suffer from Joystick Finger (or thumb) again. Apparently, all you do is pass your fingers ever so lightly over the direction sensor and it does all the hard work for you -- no more keypad punching, no more -- as the Triax blurb has it -- numb thumb! We're gonna wait until we see this one for real before believing it, but our publisher, Roger Kean, tried it out on Sonic while at the CES, and claims it really does work and take the strain out of winning! Meantime, make up your own minds, but it sure sounds impressive at around 26!


That's the big Stateside show for another year. The stands are closed, the free drinks have been drunk and the grub's been eaten! Roll on January 1993 and the next CES!



Letters [excerpt - pg. 94]


Mario busters


Dear Gutter Snipe


Regarding the Sonic vs Mario war, I'd just like to ask if you know the answer to why everyone claims Mario games are better than Sonic?


For a start Sonic's graphics are much better, even than Super Mario Bros 4, much more colourful -- the backdrops are brilliant!


Anyway, playability is where most people say the Mario games come out top. Why, I ask you? Sonic is not an absolute doddle to complete and is just so addictive that I, for one, go back for more -- and I'm sure others do too. Just because Mario games have lots more levels doesn't make them better games.


Also, how can the SEGA FORCE team say that Sonic on Master System is as good as the Mega Drive version? What a load of bobbins!


Before I go to demolish a few Nintendos, I've a few questions:

1. What's the maximum memory in terms of "K" that the Mega Drive can handle?

2. How will Super Kick Off on the MD differ from the MS version? Will you be able to save goals onto the cart?

3. Will Sonic 2 have a battery back-up facility?


Chris Moore, Wednesfield, Wolverhampton




Grrrrrr! I visited Wednesfield once -- it was shut! Actually, Mr Pitt himself hails from that neck of the woods and they can 'ave him back, thank-you very glad.


All this squabbling about that spiky specimen and the Italian plumber. We know who's best, don't we boys and girls! ('Yes, Uncle Gut' --All the under 5s in the world).


The biggest cart seen to date is 12 Megabit (1536K). Streets Of Rage 2 will be 16 Megabit (2048K), so make of that what you will, sucker!


How will Super Kick Off differ? Well, it'll be on the Mega Drive. It'll be 16-bit. It'll cost a bit more and it'll be even greener! (Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit --Ed.) The game comes out in December, more news around October/November time.


It's unlikely Sonic 2 will have a battery back-up. Strewth! You lot aren't half impatient. Get on with ya revising!