July 1992

Issue 7





Turn to Page 9 and catch all the EXCLUSIVE SEGA FORCE Sonic 2 lowdown, as the long-awaited sequel gets its sensational first showing at the Chicago CES!



SONIC GOES GLOBAL [excerpt - pg. 7]


Sonic II's a comin', it's official!! Make a note in your diaries and make sure you're queueing up outside your local games shop on November 24 for the all-format, global release day!!


With a stonking 1 million set aside for promotional purposes, be sure that you're gonna see out little blue friend just about everywhere in the run up to the release. All set to apear on Game Gear, Master System and Mega Drive at the same time, Sonic II looks like it'll hit the shelves at the same time in Europe, the States and Japan, leaving the grey importers well and truly in the shade.


Remember SEGA FORCE isuue 5? Yep, you heard the November release date here first, so stay tuned for all the latest lowdown as it happens!





SEGA FORCE breaks the sound barriers to get you the hottest news of the year! ROGER KEAN, our man at the Chicago CES, reports.


May 28, 1992: At the Chicago Consumer Electronics Show today, Sega stunned first-day visitors by unveiling the eagerly-awaited sequel to Sonic the Hedgehog! The world-wide release date for all formats has been set as November 24 (see Sonic Goes Global), but at the CES I played the amazing looking Mega drive version.


Only one level was available as an early tester of the completed game, which lets you knock the hell out of Dr. Robotnic and Sega is still being very cagey about lots of the new game, but SEGA FORCE can exclusively reveal the following information!


Sonic now has a new mate, called Tails. Tails is a fox with (surprisingly) two tails, which can come in very handy at odd moments. Is it a two-player game? Sega won't reveal that, but a representative on the Sonic stand said, "You can play some levels as horizontal split-screen, or both characters in full screen - and it's a race, so draw your own conclusions!"


As these screens were only available in demo mode, and the MD had only one joy-pad, the mystery remains...


So it the sequel very different? Yes and no: obviously Sega's programmers have kept the scenario and action along the same lines as the original, only they've made it ten times better! Really!! The Sonic sprite is bigger, the nasties are bigger and more vicious, and there are even more routes through each level.


A great new addition to the loop-the-loop sequence is a terrifying Moebius strip, which must be negotiated at full tilt to keep Sonic from falling off. On top of that, there are oddly angled 'bumpers' to shoot him off all over the place!


Collecting rings is still the aim of the game, but they've been placed in some pretty damned impossible places, and in the level I played, there are loads of secret underground and underwater passages, waterfalls and rivers.


Robotnic appears in a helicopter, which lands on a Mole vehicle. Sonic has to bump hid head, avoiding both the vehicle and the mole's earth cutter which is fired at him. Success destroys the ground vehicle and the defeated Robotnic flees in the chopper for another day.


The music in this sneak preview is the same as the original - we don't know if that will be the case when it's released. What is sure though, is that Sonic 2 is a surefire winner!



Are you up to it?



Will Sonic survive the Moebius Loop?