April 1992

Issue 3



It's out soon in Japan, SEGA FORCE has the details -- the new Wondermega will revolutionise home entertainment! [excerpt - pg. 11]


On 24 April in Japan Sega and Nihon Victor (JVC to us) will roll out their joint-venture Mega Drive-cum-CD-ROM unit (first reported exclusively in SEGA FORCE issue 2) with JVC launching it on 1 April. Nicknamed 'Wondermega', its official name is RG-M1 Multi Amusement Player -- we reckon the nickname's much better.


No UK price is given, but in Japan it'll be around 355, bundled with some software goodies (see below).


Sega's Japanese president, Hayao Nakayama, is predictably excited. 'Wondermega combines each company's [Sega and JVC] work in the fields of home entertainment, the amusement industry and AV electronics. It is the first of a new type of product.


'This is an integrated machine combing Mega Drive and Mega-CD which you can use with MD and M-CD software; what's more it offers a complete range of musical entertainment with Karaoke and audio CD.'


Nakayama outlines the kind of Mega Drive sales he expects in the coming months. 'At the moment we're planning production of Mega Drive to reach a total of 2.6 million in Japan and 4.2 million overseas , with Mega-CD reaching a total of 200,000 units in Japan by the end of this month.'


Thank you Mr Nakayama -- you can calm down now and go back to work getting Sonic 2 ready for our Christmas stockings.